Maiden of Might
★ and maybe a bit of ☆ but she isn't going to make the first move..


"Aww. Don’t be shy, Supergirl. I gotta say, I return the feeling."

"What makes you think I’m shy? I simply prefer to let some things come to me, instead of pursuing them."

[I'd offer but that wouldn't end very well for my Doctor lol xD]



(( Awww not necessarily, she can be very gentle ;)

[Oh I’m sure she can be. Not really worried about that.. Just. The Master will have him castrated I’m sure. Ooh decisions.]

(( Perhaps use a different au in which that wouldn’t happen? She’s married to the Master in one of mine, so any such interaction between us certainly wouldn’t occur in that verse. :)
[I'd offer but that wouldn't end very well for my Doctor lol xD]

(( Awww not necessarily, she can be very gentle ;)

Could someone snog us to sleep please? ;)

Rebkogging from last night because no one did it ;)

Thread Starters : Kink Edition
  1. “Pretend you don’t want it.”
  2. “They’re all watching the movie. They’re not even going to notice.”
  3. “I want you. Right up against the window.”
  4. “You know I love you, right? I have every intention of fucking you like I don’t.”
  5. “Don’t pussyfoot around. I want it to hurt.”
  6. “Let me blindfold you.”
  7. “I want to make every inch of you mine.”
  8. “Wrap your hands around my throat.”
  9. “No, no. Leave your clothes on.”
  10.  “Home is too far away. No one’s going to see us here.”
  11.  “Just sit back and let me give you a show.”
  12.  “I want to make you bleed.”
  13.  “Relax. I’ll teach you the ropes.”
  14.  “Don’t worry. I won’t let you suffocate.”
  15.  “Clearly, you’ve never experienced silk sheets properly, then.”
  16.  “What would you think about adding a third party?”
  17.  “You can’t come until I say so. Understand?”
  18.  “That’s it. Touch yourself for me.”
  19.  “Bet I can make you come without ever touching your cock.”
  20.  “No using your hands. I’ll spread my lips and you lick.”
  21.  “Clean yourself out for me first.”
  22.  “Present yourself for me.”
  23.  “I want you to tie me up so I can’t get away.”
  24.  “I’m going to tie you to the bed posts and have my way with you.”
  25.  “I want you to dominate me.”
  26.  “You’re all mine, pet.”
  27.  “Oh fuck, yes. Bite me again.”
  28.  “Are you sure that’s going to fit?”
  29.  “I’m going to fill all your holes.”
  30.  “They’re next, after I’m done with you.”
  31.  “Just watch it with me. Maybe it’ll give us some ideas.”
  32.  “I want you to humiliate me.”
  33.  “You’re pathetic. If I wasn’t willing to fuck you, no one would.”
  34.  “It’s an ice cube, darling. Do you like it?”
  35.  “That’s good. Now spread your cheeks for me.”
  36.  “Don’t touch me. Just watch.”
  37.  “Are you sure you know how to use that?”
  38.  “I hope you don’t mind whip marks.”
  39.  [Text] What are you wearing?
  40.  “I want to drip candlewax all over you.”
  41.  “I know just how to make you relax.”
  42.  “Have you ever tried rimming?”
  43.  “Your muscles are in knots. Better let me rub you down.”
  44.  “I got the mirror so you can see yourself while I’m fucking you.”
  45.  “You’re not afraid of a little piece of ginger, are you?”
  46.  “I want to pour ___ all over you and then lick it off.”
  47.  “Oh my. I didn’t know you could move like that.”
  48.  “I’m your master/mistress and will be addressed as such.”
  49.  “I don’t care if they’re watching. I’m not done with you yet.”
  50.  “Oh no. Not until you beg.”
  51.  “Tell me how good this feels.”
  52.  “On your knees.”
  53.  “I’ll do anything you want me to do to you, but you have to say it out loud.”
  54.  “Better be quiet or they’ll hear you.”
  55.  “Relax your throat.”
  56.  “I want you to ride me.”
  57.  “Oh, that hurts so good.”
  58.  “I want to hear you scream.”
  59.  “Better be quiet or they’ll hear you.”
  60.  “Strung up with a spreader bar is a good look for you.”

if we mutually follow and we dont rp there’s obviously something wrong there


*tries to get eight hours sleep in 3 hours*

I want to _____ you.

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I like being pinned down but not like this….

There’s a big cockroach and it won’t let me leave the room
I’ve barricaded myself in the toilet and I’m peeking out through a barely opened door
my phone has 10% battery left
And the charger is past the thing
also the toilet in here is broken
and I need to pee

Reblog if you think bisexuality is a real sexuality


I’m scared to come out as bi to my family in case they say it’s fake or I’m just confused so id love to have some people who agree with me so I can prove it

Tell me what you like BEST about my writing!
♡: Your narration
♥: Your dialogue
❥: Your internal monologues (thoughts)
❣: Your descriptions
❦: Your details
❧: Your plots
✽: Your ideas
✿: Your characterization
❁: There's good sentence variation!
✤: Your figurative language
❋: Your use of side characters
☆: Your understandably
☄: WILDCARD! Other: ______
Send me one pro and one con you could see with having sex with my character.
(anons welcome)