Maiden of Might

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"Good." he said as his hands slid up her thighs as he kissed her. Slowly his hands slid under her skirt, one hand lifter her leg up while the other slid over the front of her panties. "Mm, no lace?" he asked with a smirk. "I’m honestly wondering why someone with so much power, wants to be dominated so badly."

Her hips cocked back and she gave a soft little moan in reaction to his touch. “You just answered your own question.” Her voice breathy, she spoke quickly between kisses. “I always have to be strong, physically and mentally. I allow myself to be controlled because I enjoy it. It’s relaxing to me.”

"Well, it’s relaxing when it’s finished." he said with a small smirk as his slid his fingers over the crease down the middle of her cotton panties. "If you ask me, we’re both wearing too much." he said between kissed, sliding one hand from her panties up her stomach and under her top.

Whimpering softly, she pushed her hips against his as soon as his hand was out of the way, one leg still lifted and draped delicately around him. “Come on,” Kara goaded, finally drawing enough breath to speak. “I know you’re stronger than that.


Whovians at the Connichi ‘14!
Sadly I couldn’t ask everyone for their contact information and therefore I need your help, guys! If you know any of these people who aren’t tag below please send me a message so that I can add them and give credit where credit is due :)

Team Torchwood:
Captain Jack Harkness - rum-tum-tugger
Gwen Cooper - unknown
Ianto Jones - unknown

The Idiot’s Lantern:
10th Doctor - unknown (I know I wrote down your name, but I can’t find it anymore! Sorry, I’m dumb >.>’)
Rose Tyler - unkown

Let’s Kill Hitler:
River Song - Nani-Chan
11th Doctor - Halfmachine 

Vote Saxon:
Harold Saxon/The Master - sweeneylestrange
Lucy Saxon - dihydroxyacetonphosphat

Double the trouble:
10th Doctor blue suit - unknown
10th Doctor brown suit - kittenwelp

Exterminate! :
Grey Dalek - Iceflame
Brown Dalek - Tika
Steampunk Dalek - unknown

Hello there… :
Captain Jack Harkness - unknown
The Master - time-lord-ramnikul


Stunning Dress
She was terrifying in her beauty, bright like a devouring star.
Leigh Bardugo, Little Knife (via mashamorevna)


Star du jour:

Star of the day:

Natalie Portman

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"0,.,0" (BittenVerse






Peter screamed. Loudly. More then he probably should have, pushing her away from him. 

what the fuck!?” 

"Sorry!" She stepped back. "…..I think I’m about to change."

"GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME THEN."  he said taking a step back. Why the fuck would he want her to bite him right as she’s about to change?

"Sorry…sorry." She leaned against the wall, breathing heavy. "I was trying to stave it off." 


"Trying to what!?” Peter backed up from her. “Do…do….what do I do!? DO I lock you up or something? do I run away!?” 

Speaking in short spurts, she reached out. “No, no…I won’t hurt you, It’s just… going to hurt me a lot.”